Awaken!! The Next Generation

Awake America it is time to reveal your self. We can form a perfect union.Spirit, Mind  and Body. What we need it is the desire to become one nation. We posted in the one dollar bill in God We trust. Which God? Is time to avoid darkness and ignorance and move to the light of understanding. Who are we as a people? We are the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.


Quantum Theology explains that man (male and female) is a commanding being. Distresses, agony, disappointment, or sickness that exists in us is the result of lack of knowledge, but only because we have not yet understood the reason why we are here. That reason, quite simply,  who are we and how can we become what was intended for us to be? SONs of GOD

Quantum Theology is a discrete, indivisible manifestation of a spiritual truth into a physical possession, such a force, in becoming the SONS Of GOD. The Knowledge of PHYSICAL MATTER and the SPIRIT and THEIR INTERACTIONS.