The word gnosis at the earlier time in Christianity and the Resurrection

Chapter 1

1 John 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.


Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus of Nazareth, claimed to be the Son of God. For what purpose did He make this radical claim? To answer this question, we must go to the beginning. The question that has plagued man ever since he became a thinking being is tied up with this. “Who am I, and what is my purpose?” Jesus of Nazareth knew the answer.

It is only very recently that people have had access to reading the scriptures. Prior to the invention of the printing press, Bibles were hand scribed, and not widely available. In addition, literacy was not widespread among the general population. For the better part of two millennium since Christ walked the earth, people have had to rely on what was preached from the pulpit for their information concerning the Bible. Now, Bibles are widely available, anyone who wants a Bible can have one. With easy access to the scriptures, have come more and more interpretations of the Word. Why do people read the same verse and have such disparate understanding of what it means? Part of the answer lies in the fact that we are reading an English interpretation of the Scripture. To overcome this we must study with no preconceived interpretation, but rather keep an open mind, letting the Spirit lead us in understanding. In Hebrew, each word represents a complete thought. In the translations of the Tanakh (the Hebrew term for the books making up the Christian “Old Testament”) that we have available, the translators had to choose English words to represent the complex concepts that were written in Hebrew. Further, in the time since the translations were accomplished, the English language itself has evolved, with the meanings of words often undergoing radical changes. We are fortunate now, to have available for study, Strong’s Concordance, which provides word translations of the original text of the Hebrew OT scriptures or Aramaic/Greek NT scriptures. For example, the word “beginning” is found numerous times throughout the Bible. There are, however, seven various Hebrew and five different Greek words that are all translated as “beginning,” but have different meanings in the original languages of the scriptures. With the Strong’s Concordance, we can discover the precise meanings of these scriptures. Additionally, there are numerous places where the translators chose to leave words completely out of their translations, but which can be searched out using the Strong’s. Finally, there are words that have no real translations in English. Two other invaluable study references are The Complete Word Study Old Testament and The Complete Word Study New Testament published by AMG International, Inc. These texts provide the entire Old and New Testament scriptures with Strong’s reference numbers over each word, as well as numbers explaining grammatical constructions used in the original texts. Unless otherwise noted, all translations of words in this book are based on these references.

If you are like most people there are a number of questions that have occurred to you. Who did create the universe, What did create the earth, Who or what created man, and why was man formed from the dust or particles of the earth? It has been said that we are spirit, soul and body. The soul is the inner force or energy that keeps the body active. Spirit is the Divine inspiration and the intellect is the processor within the soul. By what avenue does the spirit link with the soul? That link is the mind. We have come to understand that the mind is more than just a computer. It encompasses the senses, the emotions; it is the very seat of our personality. We know that the only part of our being that can interact with the physical plane is the body. Our five senses transmit information to the brain. From this information, we form our perceptions, and from these perceptions, the intellect makes judgments upon which it acts. There is another sometimes unacknowledged source of information available to the intellect, that of Divine inspiration. Divine inspiration is truth gained directly from the higher consciousness (God), not through any natural means such as books or discussions with other people. There is a word for this type of knowledge, it is gnosis.


The word gnosis at the earlier time in Christianity was miss used and attaché to a negative practice by some Gnostic Christian believers. The negative associations with Greek believers turn into a struggle between the hierarchies in Christianity, when you read 2nd Peter about the false prophets among us. That incident was around 260ce among the schools of mystery religion which the background goes back to Socrates, Plato schools of knowledge and science in Greece.

The Knowledge the earlier Christian believed was in a truth soothing to the spirit and the soul, the knowledge they talk about was the receiving of the Holy Ghost the spirit of truth which should guide you to all truth. This was the subject Jesus had spoken about in the NT book of John. This knowledge of the truth is the key for man or humanity need to achieve perfection in all areas including immortality.

This word knowledge was the word gnosis in the Greek language. My definition or rather says my interpretation of it is; the inside power to open the human spirit to their full potential.

Let’s call this knowledge an antenna that is constant transmitting and receiving. The sending message is and depends on the level of awareness the individual have. The more a person search themselves and follow the words of Jesus will be able to change the world around them. Gnosis is the energy that will guide you to the discovery of the true world the kingdom of Heaven.

It works like this. When you have a question or want to advance in a subject, you will be broadcasting what you want. All the thoughts or Ideas that have been spoken or thought about it will be attracted to you. This will come in answers like people talking to you on the same subject or and answer from within or a dream.

Gnosis wants you to know the truth about yourself. Who you are and what you are.

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