An Examination of Scripture and the Way

Angel de Jesus Th.D


Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was exposed to three major types of religious philosophy. I was raised in the Catholic Church and started attending parochial school when I was twelve. At the same time, my grandparents were involved in spiritualism, even what many would call witchcraft, but which was strangely mixed with Christianity. The third influence was the Pentecostal church. Not only did I grow up next door to a large Pentecostal church, but also my best friend was the son of the church’s pastor, and I attended many services and functions in the church. I have a vivid memory of sitting in solitude under a bush near my home when I was about fourteen. I had already, at that age, started noticing the differences between these religions. The Pentecostals didn’t believe in television, dancing, or drinking. They believed in casting out devils and speaking in tongues. Meanwhile, the Catholics were using alcohol right in the church for the communion, and my grandparents were communicating with the very spirits that the Pentecostals may have just cast out! As I sat under the bush, I pondered this trichotomy , wondering if they could all be right, or perhaps if none of them were right.All three the Catholic, my grand parents and the Pentecostal religions claimed to be following the same God, All three were claiming to have the answers to questions of how man should live, but the evidence before my eyes said that all three could not really be correct. Even then I could see though, that all three religions were seeking something, the people, each in their own way were looking for that communication with a higher power. And at the age of 15 years, I had an experience with a force that impacted my life. In 1970 I fell under the movement of the time call the charismatic move. For many years I bounced between religions and sometimes even bounced away from churches completely. Then when I was twenty-five years old, married with two sons, we had a baby girl born. My comfortable life tumbled down around me when she died at only four months old. In the midst of this agony, a coworker having heard of the tragedy responded not with sympathy, as so many others did, rather, he proclaimed, “The Devil took your daughter, and you did nothing to stop it.” A strange thing happened then. Instead of anger, sorrow or any of the other emotions one might expect such a comment to induce, it triggered the memory of that long ago day under the bush in Puerto Rico. Those same questions that had burned in my mind then came back more insistently than ever. I became desperate to discover how I could protect those I loved. What did I have to do to guarantee that they also would not die? I started searching the scriptures, questioning whether death was inevitable. In the following months, I wanted to know more about Jesus, the Jesus of power, healing and resurrection. I realized that in Christ were the answers to all questions. He was the only one who had overcome death, and his message said that we could all do the same. In this website, I will share the truths that have come to me in the intervening years since I came to know the Lord in a personal way. I know that if the message gets out, the fullness of God will be manifested on the earth. Please open your mind, open your heart, and join me on a journey of discovery.

Angel De Jesus

March 30, 2002

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